Wills and Powers of Attorney

What do we do?

Often people assume that their money and possessions will automatically pass to their partners or children – but without a will, this is not always the case. So, by making a will now it will avoid legal problems arising for your family in the future. At Silks our lawyers have in-depth knowledge in all areas of wills and can help you create a will that’s right for you and your family. Don’t worry if you have never discussed wills before – our friendly solicitors will put you at ease, explaining everything clearly with no legal jargon.

It is a fact of modern life that we are living longer and sometimes are ability to handle decisions can become impaired. A Lasting Power of Attorney to cover different types of decisions; financial or personal, can be invaluable if this should happen. We can advise you as to the suitability of any proposed appointment and the responsibilities of any attorney you may appoint. We can guide you sensitively and knowledgeably through the whole process and ensure everything is validly registered and able to be used if necessary.


How we do it?

Our job is simply to help solve your legal problems.  To do this, we promise to explain complex legal matters in plain and simple English, provide you with regular updates on your matter and give you clear guidance on our fees, so there are no nasty surprises. Our friendly, knowledgeable solicitors are here to provide all the help and advice you need, call us today on 0121 511 2233.

Making a Will
Understanding what exactly you need to do with regard to making a will is going to feel much easier if you have a friendly understanding solicitor to rely on. That’s why we work as much on our approachable customer service as we do on providing top quality legal advice to support you during a difficult time.

At Silks Solicitors we work hard to ensure our clients are more than satisfied with the practical legal help and support we provide.  Dealing with someone’s estate can of course be a difficult task, when emotions are running high and where ‘red tape’ might often appear to hinder you rather than help.  But we’re here to help you through.

Are you looking for help with making a will in the Oldbury and Netherton area?

As legal experts, we’re able to give our clients all the support that they need to help them through what can often be an emotionally unpleasant period. Whatever the level of legal help you choose, we’re here to guide you through the whole process of making a will to give you as much or as little involvement as you feel comfortable with. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about wills at our Oldbury and Netherton offices.

Making a will in Oldbury and Netherton

We promise you’ll always get a warm, respectful welcome whenever you deal with Silks Solicitors . We’re very proud of our high level of customer service, and we’re always delighted when we receive unsolicited client testimonials from satisfied clients. Many of our clients appreciate that we have no hidden costs on our bills because we’re upfront about our fees to help you budget.  Clients also value little things that make a real difference, such as having direct contact details for their solicitor and then getting a same-day response (wherever possible) to any niggling queries that you might have along the way.

Want more specific help regarding making a will or probate?

Rest assured that we can help with any query about making a will or probate-related matter, whether simple or complex. For example, our specialist lawyers can help if you want practical advice about inheritance and tax planning, estate administration, power of attorney and we can also advise if you have a will or inheritance dispute.

Friendly expert solicitors who are local to Oldbury and Netherton

If you haven’t considered the benefits of wills, our Netherton and Oldbury based solicitors are here to guide you through the process. Sandra Buffam is a trust and estate practitioner with over 30 years’ experience; “When a loved one dies there are usually a great many important things to sort out, and dealing with their estate on your own can quickly become confusing and complicated at a time when you’d really rather deal with more pressing emotions.  That’s why making a will can really help your family cope, and having a good legal advisor to guide you can really help.

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We can help with all aspects of making wills at our Oldbury or Netherton offices.  If you’d like to talk to us for free for a short chat to see how we can help then we offer Free First Advice. Many people find that just a ten-minute chat with one of our legal representatives can really help them to make a decision on whether they need our services. Call us today on 0121 511 2233 and find out how we can help you.

Looking for more information regarding making a will?

If you have any queries about wills our Netherton and Oldbury based solicitors will be happy to help, but if you’re still at the ‘research stage’ then perhaps you’ll find these links helpful. The Gov UK website offers some clear information on the legal processes that may be involved when someone dies. If you’re in the Oldbury and Netherton area, then you probably need to contact Sandwell Register Office to register the death of a loved one. The Law Donut is a useful resource if you’re looking for more information about making a will.

Power of Attorney
In an uncertain world it’s reassuring to know that our wishes will be respected even if we’re not in a position to make our own decisions. That’s why many people choose to create a lasting power of attorney (LPA) to provide protection should an accident or ill health prevent them from making decisions in the future.
An LPA is a legal document that allows another person to make decisions about your wellbeing and affairs on your behalf. Appointing an attorney before you actually need one gives you the peace of mind that your affairs will be managed how you want them to be. It’s not possible to create an LPA once you’re unable to make your own decisions so if you think you would like an LPA; it’s something that should consider putting in place as soon as possible. There are different types of LPAs depending on what areas of your life you would like an attorney to have control of. To be valid, an LPA must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. At Silks we can help with all aspects of creating an LPA – from choosing an attorney and deciding what type of LPA is right for you to correctly registering the documentation. If you’d like to find out more, give one of our expert solicitors a call today on 0121 511 2233. With our free first advice promise you can have an initial chat free of charge and, for additional peace of mind, we also promise a same day response and no hidden costs.
Will and Inheritance Disputes
The terms of a Will can cause distress. If there isn’t one, this is difficult too. Silks Solicitors can advise on any matter where a will or inheritance is in dispute.
When a loved one passes, leaving a will, very often, disagreement arises because of the terms of that will. Disputes can arise about who or what is included or excluded and sometimes, whether there is a will at all. Naturally, emotions run high and the only way to sort things out is by seeking expert guidance. Silks can help you do things the right way, so you can have total peace of mind. At Silks, our role is to offer calm, friendly and professional advice. If you dispute any part of a Will, or the entire estate, we can explain what your rights are. We do the same if it is being disputed by another party. Options, costs and timescales will be discussed before we start work for you. Disputing an estate is a complex area of law. In everything that we do for you, we will explain using the plainest language we can. It is our job is to ensure you feel completely at ease. Make contact with us today and ask to see one of our specialist team.
Estate Administration
Upon the death of a relative, administering their estate is an important step to undertake. In some circumstances, this is more difficult because there is no will or it is somehow invalid. We can guide you through what the right steps are.
When a death happens, the assets of the deceased are distributed. This is made simple where a well drafted and up-to-date will is in place. Where there is no will or what is drafted is not legally valid, this requires an administrator. Often, this is the next of kin. If this is you, you are required to distribute the assets in accordance with the relevant laws. At Silks Solicitors, we advise you how to do this. We can deal with your questions – we have some of the best lawyers in the UK. In some circumstances, you may ask us to act as the estate administrator. Whatever your situation, we can guide you through the process. We keep things simple. We promise to keep in regular contact with you and will always use plain English. If you need support administrating an estate and you aren’t sure what to do, let Silks Solicitors give you the answers.
Inheritance and Tax Planning
Planning ahead for when you die allows you to set out clearly who should get what from your estate. Silks Solicitors can help you think through your plans and their financial impact. Our aim is to ensure that your loved ones are cared for when you no longer can.
Planning for life after your death may be difficult. However, it is simply taking care of your family in the future. Your estate will be subject to Inheritance Tax thresholds and other matters. Planning now allows you to consider reliefs and exemptions. Having a Will ensures people know how to share out your estate exactly as you planned for it to be and that this is done in a financially sophisticated way. Taxes are one certainty in life. And they apply in death too. Tax planning involves thinking about your home, the value of any investments, trusts and the making of gifts to limit any tax implications. At Silks, we understand the rules and implications of these decisions. We make a complex area of law and financial planning simple and use plain English to make certain you understand any decisions made. Arrange an appointment with Silks and begin planning for your family’s future today.
Potential Capacity or Physical Difficulties – Home Visits
We will take steps to make ourselves aware of any potential capacity or physical limitations such as mobility, hearing or visual impairment.  These matters are always taken into account when meeting and communicating with older clients. Correspondence and documentation can be produced in large print if necessary.  In all cases, the pace and duration of each meeting is dictated by the needs of our client.  Where appropriate, we may visit our client at home or in hospital although an extra charge to cover such costs will need to be raised.  However, if a client visits our office, we will let him know what disabled parking facilities and access are available and ensure that toilet facilities are readily accessible for those less able or mobile. If it is considered that mental capacity is or maybe an issue we will recommend and seek confirmation from a specialist, the cost of which must be borne by the client.  The client will be advised of this and asked to agree.  This serves to protect both the client and ourselves. We are sensitive to the possibility that older clients may be upset if they do not have current passports or driving licences to provide I.D.  Extra care is therefore taken not to cause our clients any embarrassment, while ensuring that money laundering requirements are met.   We also ask that any person signing in the capacity as attorney for our client should also produce proof of I.D. for identity verification purposes.
Seeing a Client Alone
Due to the nature of the advice that we may need to give, it is important that we can see our client alone.  However, we appreciate that some clients may prefer to have a trusted friend or relative present, so we will try to accommodate this where we can. However, there will inevitably be the time when we will need to see our client alone, but we will do everything to try and ensure that the client feels at ease, and understands why this is necessary. Where English is not the first language of our client, or our client has difficulty hearing or with sight, we suggest that an appropriate independent interpreter assists, or a person that our client trusts to help the client understand what is being discussed.  The cost of this is to be paid for by the client. A written record in the form of an attendance note is kept of persons present and all relevant matters discussed at the meeting. This and any discussions and instructions received are confirmed in writing after the meeting has taken place.  If the client declines to have anyone present, this is also documented and confirmed in writing. Sometimes we use legal terminology but we always do our best to ensure that our client understands what has been said and will not proceed until we are satisfied and that our client is comfortable and indicate that they understand and approve what has been said and what they are being asked to do.  We will do everything we can to maximise the ability of the client to make any decision.
Older and Vulnerable Client Care Procedure and Policy
We realise that it is especially important to treat older clients, their families and representatives, with additional consideration, by being both sympathetic and sensitive to any issues they may have and ensuring that our firm and all our staff treat older clients, their families and representatives with dignity, kindness and respect at all times. To that end our whole Private Client team and other members of staff who may come into contact with our clients have undergone Dementia Awareness training.
Mrs Whybrow was absolutely wonderful, so caring, helpful and kind. Also when I rang up, again the lady was so helpful. Many thanks for everything.

Treated with respect and understanding. Repeating things if needed due to a stroke. Very professional

Excellent service from everyone. So very professional and friendly. They are a great team, true ambassadors for Silks. Thank you all.

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