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What do we do?

We work with a wide range of businesses looking to buy, sell or lease commercial property throughout the West Midlands and beyond.

There are a wide range of issues that need to be taken into consideration when dealing with commercial property and expert advice is critical to ensure that your commercial property interests are aligned to your overall business needs and goals.

How we do it?

Our job is simply to help solve your legal problems.  To do this, we promise to explain complex legal matters in plain and simple English, provide you with regular updates on your matter and give you clear guidance on our fees, so there’s no nasty surprises.

Our friendly, knowledgeable solicitors are here to provide all the help and advice you need, freeing you up to get on with running your business. So if you’re looking for legal advice to support your business, call us today on 0121 511 2233.

Commercial property solicitors
Making the right kind of decisions about your commercial property is going to be a crucial factor of your success as a business owner. Get it wrong, and your premises can become a costly liability, so why risk it? Getting legal advice from a solicitor who specialises in dealing with commercial property could be the best business decision you ever make.

Commercial property law can be a complex area, and it’s not uncommon for us to give legal advice only for a business client to tell us that they had no idea that particular option was possible.  You know your business, and you’re good at dealing with what needs to be dealt with.  But what about what you don’t know?

The reason we’re here is for you

At Silks Solicitors, we’re ready for you; a specialist team that you can call on whenever you need fast legal advice about commercial property.

With years of experience of commercial property law in the Dudley area, we’re used to dealing with complex business legal problems in the most efficient way possible.  Whether you have a query about a lease, you want advice about negotiating a contract, or you simply need an issue with your landlord resolved, we can advise.

There’s no need to use your own precious time, when a specialist could get everything sorted in a fraction of the time.

Want more specific help regarding some aspect of commercial property?

If you’re looking for expert commercial property solicitors in the West Midlands area then call us today.

Commercial property issues can be more complex than residential property transactions, which is why getting specialist commercial property advice can be so important:

A lease or a licence?  It always depends on a number of factors, but we’ll quickly get up to speed so we can advise on the best course of action.  It may also be possible to negotiate a lease or licence, in which case getting a good lawyer could even save you money.

We’ll get to work on searches, review any contracts and clarify all queries.  We’ll also advise on timescales, costs and highlight any risks.  And wherever possible, once we understand the outcomes you want to achieve we’ll consider how you might get an even better deal.

Business leases and licences
Deciding whether to use or agree to a lease or a licence is an important decision. There are important differences, differences Silks Solicitors can advise you on.

Should you choose a licence or a lease? The answer rather depends. Features to be clear about include the presence of regular periodic payments and a specific end-date to the agreement. There are benefits and obligations to both. Being clear on what these are beforehand is important. Sign the wrong agreement and you may find your rights are not protected or your business is affected.

Silks Solicitors advises business on setting up the right agreement for them. Drafting a lease or a licence, explaining the terms, obligations and liabilities is done free from legal jargon. Our expert lawyers work with you, deal with any problems and make sure costs, timescales and likely outcomes are clear. If your licence or lease needs to be amended, or it is time for renewal, we can help you do this as well.

Buying and selling business property
Silks Solicitors can help businesses to buy or sell their commercial property. There are many issues to consider, we can make sure you understand every one.

There are a number of issues to consider when buying or selling property. Preparation of a sale contract, negotiating and agreeing terms, searches on the buyer or seller as well as the property and funding all take time. It is a major financial decision to take. Taking time to find the best legal advice may be crucial in securing a great deal, not just a good one.

Silks Solicitors works with many business owners, advising them on their commercial property needs. We help you prepare. As your property advisor, we ensure you understand any agreements. We carry out work on your behalf, such as searches, keeping you informed throughout. If we need to negotiate for you, we conduct this according to the outcomes you want to achieve. You will know likely costs, timescales and any risks associated with the transaction. And we make sure everything runs as smoothly as it can, right until you sign the contracts.

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