Buying or Selling a Business

What do we do?

Buying or selling a business can often be a challenging prospect.  Our experienced team have been involved in a wide range of business sales and acquisitions across a wide variety of sectors.

At Silks Solicitors, our corporate team have a wide ranging knowledge and a depth of understanding when it comes to being on either side of a business transaction.  We also have good relationships with other professionals and can draw on their specialist expertise to ensure your best interests are at the heart of what we do.

How we do it?

Our job is simply to help solve your legal problems.  To do this, we promise to explain complex legal matters in plain and simple English, provide you with regular updates on your matter and give you clear guidance on our fees, so there’s no nasty surprises.

Our friendly, knowledgeable solicitors are here to provide all the help and advice you need, freeing you up to get on with running your business. So if you’re looking for legal advice to support your business, call us today on 0121 511 2233.

Buying or selling a business
If you are buying a new business or selling one you own, or are in the process of merging or investing, expert legal advice ensures your deal is done properly. Many business owners across the UK trust Silks Solicitors to take care of their deal.

Any company transaction is complex – even the seemingly straightforward ones. Silks Solicitors’ specialist lawyers ensure you and your business are protected from the start. For example, what about confidentiality agreements? Is your deal properly and legally reflected in your contract? What issues did the due diligence process uncover – and have these been resolved? Are there any tax implications?

You will face so many questions. Silks Solicitors helps business owners like you with the answers. We work with business owners across the UK who trust us with their deal. We make complex legal matters easy to understand by using plain and simple English. Our likely costs are explained at the start so you don’t get any nasty surprises. And we deal with your queries promptly as we know your time is precious.

If you manage or are interested in buying or selling a franchise you will need expert legal advice. Advice from a specialist who knows how a franchise works.

Taking on a franchise is a legally binding agreement. Get it wrong and it could be a costly financial decision. Before entering a franchise agreement you need to carry out proper and thorough research – with expert legal advice. What are you actually buying the rights to? How much will it cost in fees to the franchisor? Are there any restrictions on trade? What are the costs of supplies? And importantly how do you check projections and cash flow figures? And if things aren’t quite working as you hoped for, what are the conditions if you want to leave early or if the franchisor ceases to trade?

If you want to buy or sell – or have a problem with your franchise arrangements – our lawyers can help. We can help you risk assess the legal implications of your franchise agreement before you sign. We promise to explain any complex legal matters in plain and simple English. Our advice will be pragmatic and commercially savvy. If you are having difficulties or there has been a breach we can help you assess your options – then decide the best approach to take. We promise to explain our costs upfront and to update you if anything changes. Any queries we respond to the same day – you have a business to run and your time is precious, we know.

If you are interested in our free first advice or need to talk about an immediate question, contact Silks Solicitors to discover why we are trusted by franchise owners across the UK.

Management buy-outs, buy-ins and private equity
Silks can support you to either buy in to a business, to buy out a business or consider outside investment. Agreeing to do any of these is a risk. Our expert lawyers help you understand the risks and to plan for success.

Ownership of a business can change for many reasons. You may want to buy out your shareholders because you know what to do to grow the business more successfully. You may spot an opportunity to buy in to business, one that excites you with its potential. Whatever your reason, this may require you to work with a venture capitalist or to secure private equity investment. Or they may want to take over your business.

It can be a complex process, changing the ownership of a business. Silks has successfully helped many business owners achieve this transition. We help you understand the process. Our expert lawyers will provide you with pragmatic advice based on their experience and knowledge. We explain the risks. And we make sure that you think through the important details. It may be a simple change of ownership or a protracted one. Whichever, our advice will ensure you make decisions that are right for you, from start to finish.

Mergers, acquisitions and disposals
Buying, selling or merging a company requires careful consideration. It also requires expert legal guidance. Silks Solicitors has extensive experience in helping businesses do this successfully.

Mergers, acquisitions and disposals are involved transactions. Many other parties, such as advisors and bankers, are involved. Preparation is crucial. Appraising the target business thoroughly is important. Having the required financial and legal agreements, undertaking the negotiation and conducting due diligence are all critical steps to complete. The price and deal structure you agree need consideration too.

Silks Solicitors works with you to successfully realise the deal that is right for you. We have some of the best lawyers in the UK. We explain what you need to do, and when, in simple terms. We make sure you understand what is happening so any decisions you take are done with confidence. You know upfront what our costs are and we promise to deal promptly with any questions you ask.

Thank you for all help you gave us in this matter.

Absolutely fabulous service from start to finish. Thank you so much for all your help. Will not hesitate to recommend Silks to other people.

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