For victims of domestic abuse, the consequences of Covid-19 and the government policy of directing mass self-isolation, is likely to result in a greater sense of fear and anxiety, especially if you face being isolated at home with an abuser.

Domestic abuse includes not only physical abuse but also emotional, psychological, sexual and financial abuse. Perpetrators of domestic abuse often spend substantial time ensuring they isolate their victims from friends and family before abusing them, in the hope that there will be less people for the victim to turn to, to confide in and to report the abuse to. It is therefore worrying that as mass self-isolation is now underway across the UK, it may make it easier for perpetrators to continue to abuse victims in the knowledge that there is little escape or option to leave the home and seek help.

There has been an increase in the number of domestic abuse incidents reported since the Coronavirus outbreak and this is only likely to increase as the isolation period continues.  It is important to know that if you are the victim of abuse during this time, there is still help and advice available to secure your protection and ensure your safety.

Refuges, domestic abuse helplines and many solicitors who offer family law advice/domestic abuse advice, are still operational even during this shut down period. Silks Solicitors have a thriving family law department covering domestic abuse advice and matters relating to children. Our offices are still open to the public via telephone and we can arrange to hold telephone/Skype/Facetime meetings with you if you need help. Please feel free to call us on 0121 511 2233. Alternatively, you can email our Solicitor Ms Sana Ahmed at: if you feel you need guidance and advice but are unable to speak freely whilst at home.

Although the Courts, like many other businesses at the moment, have had to limit their work load and have had to cancel many cases listed for Hearings, the Court is still processing applications for non-molestation injunctions for the protection of domestic abuse victims. So, if you are experiencing domestic abuse, contact us today and we can help you secure protection through a Court Order. Many refuges are still open with places available for victims of domestic abuse so you may also be able to secure temporary safe accommodation away from home.

Always remember that if you are in immediate danger, contact 999 immediately. If you are unable to speak to the operator when they ask which emergency service you require, your call will be forwarded to an operating system. If you can press 55 at this stage, the system will detect this and your call will be transferred to the relevant police force as an emergency.

Do not continue to suffer from domestic abuse, contact us via phone or email to obtain legal advice and guidance today.

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