Not only has the year come and gone but we find ourselves at the start of a new decade which will undoubtedly see changes for all of us: Brexit, start of new relationships, new careers, moving to a new house and starting a family, possibly retirement or loss of a job and maybe even bereavement and loss of jobs.

Now is a good time to start with some realistic resolutions and goals. Not the faddy diets and talk of exercise regimes we know we are unlikely to stick at for much longer than this first month but looking at putting our affairs in order.

There is no time like the present to look at making or reviewing your will: it may have been made a long time ago and circumstances will likely have moved on. You may have been putting it off until the right time. Whatever your reasons, the start of 2020 would seem like an excellent time to sort this out.

You may have experienced deteriorating health for yourself or loved ones and realised how important it is to be able to have reliable and trustworthy people in place to look after your best interests should this be needed, Again, now is an excellent time to explore making Lasting Powers of Attorney to cover both financial and health decisions.

You may have been recently bereaved and need some help in sorting out your loved one’s affairs.

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