There has been a great deal of publicity recently relating to employment status, particularly of those who are working in the gig economy.

Taxi drivers, delivery drivers and many others have been working on the basis that they are self-employed and therefore they have not enjoyed the rights afforded to those who work in different capacities.

The employment status of such individuals has been tested in a number of notable cases involving Uber and more recently recently in the Pimlico Plumbers case which was ultimately considered in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled in the Pimlico Plumbers case that an individual claimant was a worker rather than being self- employed, thereby allowing the individual rights that he had not previously enjoyed.

The court looked at the reality of the work practices of the firm rather than the wording of the contractual terms that had been signed.

The case is considered by many commentators to provide clearer guidance as to the status of workers. The result however is not necessarily definitive and a number of cases await to be determined in the courts.

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