It comes to something that there has to be a day in the calendar to mark the abuse of the elderly. However, this date established by the United Nations in 2011 is an annual event to promote awareness of a global problem that faces an aging society. It serves as a reminder that all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect whatever their age and situation.

Sadly, the elderly members of our community are often dependant on relatives and paid carers, some of whom are devoted and caring, and others not so. Unfortunately, it seems that more and more old people are being subject to domestic violence, abuse both mental and physical, though emotional neglect and torment to financial abuse that is nothing short of theft and fraud.

At Silks, as members of Solicitors for the Elderly with a published protocol as to how we deal with the elderly and vulnerable, we take the time to see each client on their own. We give them as much time and help that they need to make sure they put proper structures in place to protect them from abuse in their personal and financial affairs as much as is possible. This may be through Lasting Powers of Attorney or, where capacity is lacking, by means of an application for a Deputyship order.

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