In the Times this Saturday, Janice Turner wrote that “Life would be better if we faced up to death”. She admitted how easy it is to avoid such conversations until it is too late as it seems such a “ghastly” subject to raise.

At Silks we understand how hard it is to have these important conversations and face up to the reality of death for ourselves and how this may affect our loved ones. Even though death is a fact of life, it remains an unspoken fear in many of us: so much so that we find it hard to address let alone plan for its inevitability.

Furthermore, we are all living longer, and dementia and general deterioration in physical and mental health seem often to accompany our aging.

With this in mind, Silks invite you to step back, take a deep breath, and plan for the inevitable and consider how to best protect and provide for your loved ones; both on your death and also in case of loss of mental capacity.

It is no good leaving things unspoken and undocumented, or documented in the wrong format. If the paperwork isn’t legal it inevitably won’t work, and even if it does work it may not actually achieve what you intended. This can leave families with real heartache and, where families are at odds with one another or may simply be unable to reach an agreement, costly and time-consuming legal work can be required to put things right.

Neither death nor mental incapacity are attractive propositions, but one is a definite for us all and the other is a possibility for many of us, even if not directly then maybe for someone we know and love.

None of us know what the future holds, but addressing these issues in a timely manner brings peace of mind, and the knowledge that we have done all we can to care for our nearest and dearest.

This is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family: by making sure they are properly provided for, not only whilst you are around and able, but even should you lose your capacity or pass away.

At Silks we can help you through the process of making a will and lasting powers of attorney as well as helping you, should someone close to you have lost capacity, through making a deputyship application. If a loved one has recently passed away we can also help you through the process of winding up their affairs and distributing their assets correctly.

We have a friendly team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you plan for the future and suggest that you give us a call today for an appointment if you want to discuss any of the above further.

Don’t delay, call Silks today, on 0121 511 2233.