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Employment Tribunal Fees

In July 2013 the government introduced a fee payment scheme in the Employment Tribunals. Since that time payments have been made by the majority of claimants and, in some cases, by respondents. Earlier this year the Supreme Court decided that such scheme was unlawful.... read more

Employment Tribunal fees abolished

On 27th July 2017 the Supreme Court ruled against the government in relation to the fee regime in the Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeals Tribunal. Following the decision the government quickly announced the abolition of the collection of fees in both the ET... read more

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

A worrying trend is being addressed this week on Thursday 15th. WORLD ELDER ABUSE AWARENESS DAY aims to raise awareness by highlighting the abuse suffered by so many of our elderly. Abuse is inflicted, not only physically, but emotionally and financially.  Sexual... read more

Dying Matters – 8th – 14th May

Next week you may notice various events going on under the banner Dying Matters. What is this all about? Dying Matters a nationwide initiative to raise the awareness of the general public to this very important life event that so many of us face unprepared. It aims to... read more

Take action now to safeguard your assets!

Many people are still unaware that if they need social care their assets will be means tested by their Local Authority to pay for it. We hear many stories about the different steps people take to try and safeguard their assets in an attempt to avoid having to pay care... read more

Testamentary Freedom – or not?

The Supreme Court yesterday gave their final verdict on the case of Ilott v Mitson which has been running for over a decade having been batted backwards and forwards through the courts of this land. The case was one where an estranged daughter challenged her mother’s... read more

We all need to learn to talk about death

An article in the national press caught my attention last week as it highlighted how death seems to be the last taboo. Death has been sanitised as it has moved from home to hospital and it seems to be very much “out of sight, out of mind.”   The article also... read more

Probate Grant Application Fee Increases

Last year the Government consulted the public and profession on proposals to change its charging structure and increase the basic rate for basic probate applications by over 100%! Despite overwhelming negative responses to virtually all the proposals, the Ministry of... read more